Wiseman – one day all transactions will be done this way!

​The Wiseman Concept is new, yet old. Innovative, yet common sense. Using your own bank and your own attorneys and not relinquishing any of your hard-earned money, it is now possible to buy without paying out of your pocket for the items you desire. This is the only risk free financing strategy that leaves you in a better state after the transaction than before, without you having to increase your budget and with a guaranteed plan to settle your mortgage within 7 years.  This is not debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is bad news, creating a downward spiral which traps ordinary people into a web that is almost impossible to break free from.  The Wiseman Concept can show you a way out before it is too late.  The results are guaranteed!

Get your fuel bill subsidized

With the fuel price of over R12 per litre at the pump, now is the time to pay only R6, or even less!  The rest can be paid with money you never knew you had. It does not have to come out of your pocket.

So, what will you do with your saving?

​You could subsidize your electricity bill or your phone bill.  You decide.  Ultimately you will have money spare.

See for yourself how some Wiseman clients end up saving thousands a month on their budgets – every month. These same clients achieve this saving while paying off their mortgages within 7 years.  Now you can do the same!

Terms & Conditions apply!

The Wiseman Assessment

Apply now to have your assessment done to qualify as a Wiseman client.  The Wiseman Calculator will determine the Factor needed to break free from your financial shackles and to live free of bad debt forever.  The Wiseman Calculator makes use of Advance Reverse and Reverse Advance Telescopic calculations to analyze past mistakes in order to fix them for good.  Our clients need to be credit worthy in order to benefit from The Wiseman Concept.  If you are not credit worthy yourself, you could ask a friend or family member who is credit worthy to help you.  They will be glad you did!

ITC Checks

For a small fee, we will check your ITC status for you as you need to be credit worthy and not listed with a credit bureau. If you are listed, we can assist to get you cleared so you can benefit from The Wiseman Concept.  Don’t worry – the Wiseman way of thinking says you don’t pay for anything as long as you qualify to be a client.  You will get it all back!  It is important to know your status.

Buying or Selling your house?

Let us help you buy your next home at zero cost to your budget.  Let us help you sell your existing home, that has been in the market for years, in next to no time at all! Do you not think you will be able to sell a house when the buyer is guaranteed to pay it off within 7 years and yet saves 50% on bond repayments?  These are examples of what can be achieved, but every client is unique and has unique circumstances. These unique circumstance need to be assessed by the Telescopic Calculator and therefore T&C’s apply.